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"I like it for its simplicity of use and easy maintenance. You might spend $100 for the Freshlife sprouter, but I say go ahead, invest a bit more and go for the EasyGreen MikroFarm's Wheatgrass Benefits."

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Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

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Grow Wheatgrass

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Grow Wheatgrass

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Juicing Wheatgrass


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Benefits of Wheatgrass

Experience the benefits of wheatgrass for just $0.50 a tray!


“No other brands create 24/7 adjustable temperature conditions like the
EasyGreen Sprouter!”


“Compare the cost to the $15 you would spend on a wheatgrass at Whole Foods, too. At just fifty cents a tray, you’ll have more moolah left over for life’s other little luxuries!”


Read these 14 powerful benefits of wheatgrass!

More “Kick” Than Red Bull

Benefits of wheatgrass are endless Wheatgrass shots can provide between 80 and 100 percent of the nutritional value you require each day. Like coffee and energy drinks, wheatgrass provides a boost to the bloodstream within twenty minutes. But wheatgrass is a healthier alternative that won’t curb your brain’s neurotransmitters. Guess what? Your pearly whites will thank you, too.

Athletic Superfood

Wheat berry starch provides the “zing” you need to keep going as it breaks down to simple sugar in your body. Out of the 102 possible nutrients you consume each day, wheatgrass juice contains 92.That’s more than you’ll get from two pounds of fresh fruit or veggies! As a bonus, you’ll curb that nagging appetite.

Protect Your Health

Scientists agree that wheatgrass stops harmful bacteria in its tracks!

Cancer Buster

The National Cancer Institute weighs in. At least nineteen studies show that a diet rich in the beta-carotene found in wheat grass may lower cancer risk by 40 per cent!

Blood Booster

The chlorophyl in wheat grass can help rebuild a low blood-count in around a week.

Stamp Out Embarrassing Breath and Body Odor

Famous doctor and wheat grass expert F. Howard Westcott found that when you consume the right amount of wheat grass, you can rid yourself of halitosis and unwanted B.O.

Acne Smack-Down!

Wheatgrass helps get rid of pimples, itchy inflamed skin, poison ivy, bug-bites, crusty and weeping eczema. Other stubborn skin conditions, too!

Soothe Sunburn

Rubbing wheatgrass juice on your skin heals burns and blisters. But you can totally prevent sun burns by drinking it, too!

Fights Electromagnetic Radiation

The United States Army exposed guinea pigs to lethal doses of radiation. The guinea pigs fed chlorophyll-rich vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli had half the mortality rate as those fed non-chlorophyll diet.

Protection From X-Rays, Microwaves, and Gamma Waves

In the early sixties, the U.S. Army subjected guinea pigs to a deadly dose of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). They fed half the critters a diet of green veggies, such as alfalfa, cabbage and broccoli; the others got none. Those deprived of greens died at twice the rate of their chlorophyl-fed siblings.

Neutralizes and Fights Dangerous Chemicals in Drinking Water

Dr. Earp Thomas found that an ounce of wheatgrass in a gallon of fluoridated water would turn the fluorine into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compound. Used in wash water it adds softness to the face and hands. In the bath, it is most smoothing. It stops bleeding, itching, and helps sores and acne to heal.

Trust Your Water Again!

One ounce of wheatgrass in a gallon of tap water will neutralize fluoride and other harmful chemicals. Add wheatgrass to your baths to help comfort, and soothe.

Beat High Blood Pressure

Theodor Rudolph, M.D. says that when wheatgrass and oxygen mix in your body, the blood rush helps break up globs of ugly fat and cholesterol.

Send Sinusitis Packing!

Doctors J. C. Davis and R. Redpath found that sinus cavities dry out when packed with chlorophyl. Imagine that aggravating head cold gone within twenty-four hours!


Look Your Best, Feel Fit!
5 Powerful Reasons to Grow Wheatgrass and Juice it

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