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"I like it for its simplicity of use and easy maintenance. You might spend $100 for the Freshlife sprouter, but I say go ahead, invest a bit more and go for the EasyGreen MikroFarm's Wheatgrass Benefits."

Sprouter - Mike Adams

Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

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Using the EasyGreen to Start Garden Seeds Indoors


Have you ever wondered how to start garden seeds indoors? At the risk of offending any pun-shunning readers, many people who never grew a garden have decided to venture into the field. Some people base their decision to grow vegetables on pocketbook issues. Others have decided that they just can’t trust the vegetables offered in the supermarket. Continue reading

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Banana Smoothie

Make your favorite green smoothie:

2 cups of cold water
1 to 2 cups of alfalfa sprouts or a mix of the little sprouts (clover, alfalfa, fenugreek, broccoli, cabbage) (I give mine a cool bath on day 5 to free them of their hulls and unsprouted seeds.) Continue reading

Barley Juice

Barley, my favorite grass, 1.5 T.  I start 5 trays at once and let them grow about 7 days.  When they are brilliant green, they go for a ride into the wheatgrass juicer.

Continue reading

Sprouted Lentil Taboulé

Sprouted Lentil Taboulé

3 cups red lentil sprouts
1 bunch scallions Continue reading

Broccoli Sprout Smoothie

Broccoli Sprout Smoothie for 4 servings

3 cups filtered water
1/2 cup raw almonds, soaked overnight and rinsed

Continue reading

Sprout Nutrition – Forget Expensive Supplements. Grow Your Own For Chump Change!

Ever been hijacked by “nutritional” supplement sellers who promise the moon but whose products never live up to the hype? Stop wasting your hard earned dollars. Enjoy real and lasting results with your very own natural supplement factory. Let’s call it sprout nutrition.


Lately, vitamins and supplements have morphed into a giant industry. Need proof? Take a stroll down one of Wal-Mart’s endless vitamin aisles. Just like pharmaceutical companies, supplement manufacturers convince us we need a capsule for this, a pill for that. They promise their products will make wrinkles miraculously disappear, help us shed unwanted pounds in days, and give us the stamina of a 16-year-old chugging Red Bull. Get the picture? But you don’t need to be a slave to Walmart, you could be growing your own sprout nutrition for much less. Continue reading

Sprouting Seeds for Parrots and People

Parrots love sprouts? Sure they do. In fact, birds and pets of all kinds benefit from the nutritional punch of sprouts. Even homesteaders are getting into the act by sprouting wheat and grains for their chicken flock. This page isn’t just for pets though. These links give an all around education on why sprouts make you fit and healthy, too :-) 

Sprouting Seeds for Parrots

Continue reading

Help! My Wheatgrass is Moldy!

Because the topic is so hot in our Knowledge Base, we thought our blog readers may wish read about it, too. So here’s the question:

“How do I prevent wheatgrass mold or rotting?”


Wheatgrass is famous for succumbing to mold. Wheat seeds can be stubborn when we try to trick Mother Nature by sowing them in a seed sprouter. Truth be told, growing in a sprouter is far from the way nature intended. Continue reading

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