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Raw Food Guru Keela Sanders Shares Corn Polenta Recipe

Here’s how Raw Food Guru Keela Sanders describes herself:

“Whole, organic, vegan foodista. Raw Food guru. Lucid dream Jedi. Up-cycling princess. Qi gong ninja. Adventurer. X-Files Junkie. Eternal Student.”

We think she’s all of that and a bag of chips! I first found Keela tweeting like a sweet bird @renderedRAW. At the time, she was putting together a brand new raw food cookbook and offered to share the following recipe with us Continue reading

Raw Food Trucker Dave sheds 230 pounds, beats colon cancer

Over the holidays, our own Carol McKibben interviewed Dave “The Raw Food Trucker” Conrardy. What she learned blew us all away. Read on and watch the video to see how shifting to a raw food diet and juicing enabled Dave to make a 180 degree turn in his life and health. Amazing.

How a diet of raw foods and juice feasting changed Dave Conrardy's life from brutal to bountiful!  Continue reading 

Law of Mother Earth – Should Nature get human rights? Vote now.

Law of Mother Earth Gets a Boost in Bolivia - Nature Joins Ranks of Those with Human Rights 

This past year, Bolivian politicians and activists made waves as they strove to pass new legislation promoting the Law of Mother Earth (la Ley de Derechos de la Madre Tierra). Their message? Nature deserves the same privileges and protection as its citizens. Whether or not the law has passed is not entirely clear.  Continue reading

Sure, he ogles Angela like he’s Bugs Bunny on Viagra. Why not? It’s a raw foodies’ match made in heaven!

Meet The Raw Food World owners Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch, EasyGreen’s new master distributors. I’m happy to report Matt’s got a sense of humor the size of my-hammy and his libido is about that healthy, too. Angela is an angel in wire-rimmed glasses with a British accent.
Matt attributes his growth from being “pretty much a fool” to “reaching heights of bliss and love” to an email inquiry he found in his inbox two years ago.
Continue reading

Living Butternut Basil Sunflower Soup

Did you know you can submit your own sprout recipes and win free seeds?
Copy the recipe below to try later, then click on the “Win” link to the right to learn more!

We’re fortunate to be able to share this recipe from Blythe Metz, a passionate raw foodie with a large following on UStream TV.

Blythe’s philosophy of food?

“To me, RAW means being healthy and natural in what we eat, what we put on our body and how we treat the world…I believe food is the medicine for your body.” Continue reading

Who needs a bun? Try RF Tomato Burgers!

Did you know you can submit your own sprout recipes and win free seeds?
Copy this recipe to try later, then click on the link above and to the right to learn more!

Thanks to Owen Einarson for providing this simple, but elegant raw food recipe in exchange for some of EasyGreen’s delicious Wisdom Blend seeds! You can see Owen in action in his kitchen in the video below the recipe! Continue reading

Compare sprouts grown with a Venturi watering system!

If you’re not a believer, you will be when you see the difference between the green, lush sprouts grown in an EasyGreen to those grown in jars or other sprouters. Our secret is in our Venturi watering method, which imitates Nature to a “T.”

Compare sprouts grown with a Venturi watering system! Continue reading

Next to Eden Red Lentil Burgers

Did you know you can submit your own sprout recipes and win free seeds?
Copy this recipe to try later, then click on the link above and to the right to learn more!

The recipe for these little gems was inspired by Sol’s good friend, Anete, whose “Yami Burgers” are also to die for. Continue reading

The Undeniable Impact of Seed Shortages

Parched earth


By 2008, a food crisis had begun to affect more than half of the world’s population, a number over three billion and swelling rapidly. Continue reading

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