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"I like it for its simplicity of use and easy maintenance. You might spend $100 for the Freshlife sprouter, but I say go ahead, invest a bit more and go for the EasyGreen MikroFarm's Wheatgrass Benefits."

Sprouter - Mike Adams

Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

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Imagine… free seeds on your doorstep! Share a recipe or show us some seed sprouter tricks on YouTube!

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At the end of each month, we’ll draw the names of two winners, one for video and one for recipes. Each winner will have a pound of fresh organic seeds delivered FREE, whether you live in the U.S.A. or anywhere else in the world!

Recipe Submission Guidelines

  • It’s gotta have the word “sprouts” in it somewhere.
  • You agree that the recipe is your own creation or a variation of a trusted recipe. (We don’t need the sheriff coming after us!)
  • Include the name of the recipe, a list of ingredients and a separate section for directions (we really appreciate pictures, too!)
  • You agree that your name, and the name of your town, state, and country may appear beneath your work in an e-cookbook we plan to create.
  • You give EasyGeen Factory permission to tweet and friend your recipe as we see fit and to feature it on our web page (well, assuming we think it tastes good).
  • Available only for USA.

YouTube Video Submission Guidelines

  • We love to watch clever, silly, cute, or educational videos on sprouts or sprouting – and so do our customers!
  • Keep it short and sweet (no yawners)
  • Don’t promote other companies’ products (We got feelings too, ya know).
  • You give EasyGeen permission to feature your video on our web page or YouTube channel or tweet, friend, and post it in any other way that won’t make you or others cry or get hopping mad.
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