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Growing Chia Seeds

About Chia Seeds

The chia plant grows over vast swaths of the deserts in southern Mexico. Both Mayans and Aztecs prized chia seeds. Aztec warriors ate the seeds for survival. Their high nutrient value and ease of carrying made them an ideal food. The seeds store exceptionally well due to their high anti-oxidants, which stave off rancidity. As little as a single tablespoon was reputed to sustain a body for 24 hours! The Aztecs also used them as a supplement to stimulate the flow of saliva and help ease painful joints and tender skin.

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Early Mesoamerican records indicate chia was a primary crop as far back as 3,400 BC! The Spanish destroyed most chia production during the conquest of Mexico and Central America due to its associations with religious ritual, but gradually the crop found favor and production on a larger scale began again.chia seedsWhen it comes to omega 3 fatty acids, chia even beats flax. But in contrast to flax seeds, which
need grinding to make their nutrients readily available, you needn’t grind chia to benefit from its nutrients. The seeds are an amazing source of fiber and also contain niacin, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, iron and zinc.

When you add chia seeds to water and let this sit for half an hour, the mixture gels. This process also happens in the stomach, which researchers speculate may slow the process of breaking down carbohydrates and converting them into sugars by the digestive enzymes.

There are many ways to enjoy the nutty flavor of chia. Add citrus juice and honey or another sweetener, making a drink that’s a favorite with Mexicans called “chia fresca.” Shake the seeds, either whole or ground, onto salads, yogurt and cereals. Replace a little of the flour in your baked goods recipe with ground chia to pack a nutritional punch.
Take a look at these amazing nutrition statistics:

A single ounce of the seeds yields:

  • 4915 mg of OMEGA-3
  • 11 g FIBER
  • 4 g PROTEIN
  • 18% recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of CALCIUM

Pound for pound, chia also contains more protein than most cereal grains:

  • chia 19-23%
  • wheat 14%
  • corn 10%
  • rice 6.5%
  • oats 17%
  • barley 12%

Growing Chia in the EasyGreen®

Customers often ask us whether they can successfully grow chia in their EasyGreen® machine. Gelatinous seeds such as dill, flax, chia, arugula, or cress are more difficult to grow than other seeds like alfalfa. You can try growing them between two moist towels. The towels will absorb the oil extracted by the seed, and they will sprout. Some users report that they get good results in the EasyGreen® by stretching a nylon stocking over a mini tray and sprinkling the seeds on top of it. You may also grow them using grow mats available at garden centers and hydroponic supply stores. It’s worth a try!

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