I like the EasyGreen!

"I like it for its simplicity of use and easy maintenance. You might spend $100 for the Freshlife sprouter, but I say go ahead, invest a bit more and go for the EasyGreen MikroFarm's Wheatgrass Benefits."

Sprouter - Mike Adams

Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

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Juicing Wheatgrass


Member Tested


I have been working with Micah on growing sprouts of all things. Gardening indoors is pretty practical since it is winter. Here is one of his first trays:

We get a tray a day, so today is the first day we kind of got behind and decided to just eat them straight out of the tray. We started eating them, then I decided to record the rest of the tray:

I personally didn't really enjoy eating them straight, but it was worth it to see Micah chomp in!

The Machine really works well.

Wheatgrass Sprouter

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Posted By: Doug Isaacson

I'm a busy mom 2 small kids now- if I'm still going to be doing everything from scratch I need all the gadgets that can make this happen!!! This is one of them! I've tried all the other methods for yrs but I LOVE THIS- my sprouts are awesome and my kids LOVE THEM.

Posted By: Jayme Tailor

Samuil is our youngest sprout-lover from Bulgaria.

Grow Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass Sprouter Linda Smith

I LOVE the little farm! I received the farm on a Thursday and by the next Thursday I had our first crop of salad sprouts and two days later we juiced our wheat grass! I have already recommended this machine to my friends and family.

Thank you Sol for making such a quality product.

*   Gimme that green machine...and make it snappy!   *

Posted By: Linda Smith

Wheatgrass Sprouter

To the Easygreen team,

I wanted you to know that I purchased 1 EasyGreen Sprouter approximately 7 years ago to try it out and see if it performed as it was claimed to. I started out with wheat grass seed and after 6 days in the sprouter the grass was up against the ceiling and ready for removal to a sunny location for finishing. After 2 additional days in the sun light I had my first completed tray of wheat grass ready for juicing which was 2 days earlier than the claims of 10 days from start to finish and completely hydroponically without the hassle or mess of using soil. I was so impressed that I ordered 8 more EasyGreen Sprouters and have been using them continuously without any problems from that day forward not only for wheat grass but various other sprouts also. The attached photos show only 3 of the 9 sprouters as the other six are set up in another room.

Grow Wheatgrass

*   Uncle, Uncle! Get me that machine...now!!!   *

Posted By: Ross Champine

"All-Natural Seaweed Extract Plant-Growth Elixir"

I have to say I am HIGHLY impressed with your product All-Natural Seaweed Extract Plant-Growth Elixir, I used it alone diluted in water as per the label and within 2 days the sprouts had nearly doubled in size. I think your product will be a welcome addition to my fertilizers!

Posted By: Vance Hanna

I purchased 1 EasyGreen Sprouter approximately 7 years ago to try it out and see if it performed as it was claimed to. I started out with wheat grass seed and after 6 days in the sprouter the grass was up against the ceiling and ready for removal to a sunny location for finishing. After 2 additional days in the sun light I had my first completed tray of wheat grass ready for juicing which was 2 days earlier than the claims of 10 days from start to finish and completely hydroponically without the hassle or mess of using soil. I was so impressed that I ordered 8 more EasyGreen Sprouters and have been using them continuously without any problems from that day forward not only for wheat grass but various other sprouts also. The attached photos show only 3 of the 9 sprouters as the other six are set up in the basement. I am so impressed, I wanted to share this with you guys.

Wheatgrass Sprouter Grow Wheatgrass

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Posted By: Ross Champine

Regarding stacking easygreens

Dear Easygreen,

I'm very happy with my Easygreen Micro Farm. So happy, that I would like to purchase another "Micro Farm", to stack over my first, that I bought some 45 days ago. I would like to know if I have to buy any special attachment, or if it is just a matter of re-arranging the tubes.


Posted By: Bernardo Schubsky

Love my EasyGreen
I use the EasyGreen now for a more then a year. It is one of the best machine I found in the market. The sprouts are coming out so fresh and tasty. Since I’m vegan the sprouts are a big part of my daily diet.

Posted By: Ron Gind

To the Team at EasyGreen:

You wanted to know how I use so many EasyGreen units, I Prepared a little presentation for you.

Normaly I eat two large salads of greens each day or make a juice from the second one if I am not too hungry so yes It is for my own needs. I use 3 EasyGreen sprouters for Wheatgrass, 4 EG sprouters for greens (sunflower, buckwheat) and one for salad mix, alfalfa etc.

Wheatgrass Sprouter

All seeds grow very well, I think I matched the best spot for it near the window situated to the north-east. On the pictures you will see the great concentration of chlorophyll forming the dark green leaves of buckwheat and sunflower. Most of them are ready at the end of the 8th day of their growth. I use 7 activations a day, 30 minute cycle at 7 am and 4 pm, other activations are for 15 minutes.

Grow Wheatgrass

Easygreen Sprouter

I grow organic Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Wheat, this week I am going to experiment with some radish - canola - mustard - alfalfa mix.

What I noticed is that the sprouters are improving the quality of air in the room, the mist is increasing the overall humidity of the environment by 3 percent on average. I have humidity meter in the room and it shows between 30 and 35 %, that is fine.

Check those attached photos...

Wheatgrass Seeds

Have a great day.

*   Can't wait to grow wheatgrass...take me to the page!   *

Posted By: T. Tauchman

Excellent product! I've had my Easygreen for a while now. I actually don't remember what or how I did without it... great product!

Posted By: Taos

Wheatgrass Sprouter

Mr. Batal, Marathon runner- Sprouts supply Lots of energy! The EasyGreen does it all automatically

Posted By: Mr. Batal

The sprouts have been fresh, delicious and healthful, and i appreciated your sprouting guide, which got me started easily. the amounts to sprout and the recommended times were helpful, and once i got going, experience and a little bit of intuition made the process even easier. so, a little over a year later, i'm still a very satisfied customer.

Posted By: John Masters

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent wheatgrass sprouting system...It is effecient, quiet, & elegantly designed. I have owned several sprouting systems and yours is by far the best on the market.

*   I've read enough! Get me that wheatgrass sprouter!   *

Posted By: Scott McCall

Hi Jeannie... I love the sprouter and am loving the greens I am growing myself.

Thank you, all of you, for your help. You have excellent customer service and I will continue to do many more years of business with you.


Posted By: Romy Barulich

I bought the Mistaponic Sprouter ( now called EasyGreen) in 1997. A wonderful new things, I've experienced since then, I've caught one cold every other year since then, instead of my usual four a year, my colon is cleaner, my knowledge of seeds have grown, I feel more spiritual and clean. I eat lots of sprouts every day, I juice sprouts, I make. clover. alfalfa, beans, etc. anything I can sprout that is edible.I also became a Vegan Vegetarian, I'm happier, people tell me I look young for my age and I do, I believe it's because I eat live foods every day, and exercise. I love my EasyGreen Sprouter, It's easy to use, it does all the work for me, I wish I had extra money to buy another one. I'm very grateful to Sol. who invented this beautiful machine.

Posted By: Virginia Gomez

Thank you for calling to check on my seed inventory. I really appreciate that.

I just wanted to you to know that I have really enjoyed my Easy Green Sprouter. It’s just as easy to use as advertised and is practically maintenance-free. I knew nothing about sprouting before I started using the Easy Green but now I sprout like a pro.

Posted By: C. Hawkins

Dear Sol,

I really have to thank you for creating your Sprouting technology. I have been interested in high-quality nutrition and in college I compiled an Excel based program for the purpose of composing dietary menus. Progressively I became aware of sprouts and their superfood qualities which eventually culminated in the use of your extremely useful and easy system. I just cant express my gratitude enough. I currently have one EasyGreen Clear sprouter but as soon as I can I will lay my hands on more. I am considering getting for my parents and family. My mother was astonished by the process of sprouting.

Posted By: M. Tzonev

We're having a ball w/ EasyGreen and the sprouts are doing wonderfully. We feel like we have a made a smart choice in selecting your product as I like the way the whole system has been so well thought out. I particularly appreciate the product support. quality. A rare treat these days.

Thank you,

Posted By: Trish Steinbacher

Wheatgrass Sprouter

With my first EasyGrass package I sprouted virtually anything. Now I am dedicating the second EasyGreen package only for wheatgrass production,I am saving bundles

Grow Wheatgrass

*   Take me to the wheatgrass sprouter; I need some vitamins, and soon!!!   *

Posted By: Hans Jacarta

I find that the EasyGreen really does make it easy to grow healthy crispy sprouts. At first, I was expecting to do a lot of experimentation with the settings, But the very first setting I tried--one of the three suggested in the manual--produced great, mold-free sprouts.

Posted By: Fred Fuentes

Wheatgrass Sprouter

Mold and rotting are almost inevitable when sprouting in high humid areas. Chuck from Hawaii found the EasyGreen "the only system that works all year around".
Chuck Glenn is a professional hydroponic commercial vegetable grower.

Posted By: Chuck

Oh and thanks for the tip. Again the sprouts are wonderful, it's great just watching nature do it's thing. My sandwiches and salads just aren't the same without those home sprouts grown in the Easygreen

Posted By: D. Carney

Thank you for making such an easy to mantain yet very effective product.

Previously eating green sprouts, I was getting itching but with your sprouter it doesn't happen.

I love my EasyGreen sprouter.

I will refer your product to my friends.

Posted By: Yogi Shridhare

Today, the easygreen module that I am currently using began to sprout it's first sprouts. It's awesome watching them bud and then the next morning have a family full baby sprouts working their way to the top. In comparison to the traditional way, soaking 8 hrs and rinsing twice a day; the easygreen wins. I currently have one full easygreen module and traditionally I have 4 pods and 1 large tray sitting on the kitchen counter. The pods and tray that are sitting on the counter were begun at the same time as the sprouts in the easygreen module and they have barely began to bud. I am completely satisfied with my one easygreen module and thank you all for designing it and handling my order with professionalism.

Until next time; Thank you.

Posted By: J. A. Holley

Wheatgrass Sprouter Grow Wheatgrass

Absolutely brilliant.

Each Easygreen sprouting machine seemed a huge investment just for sprouting, the alternative of manually washing sprouts from jars was rapidly losing it’s novelty.

My first 3 machines soon proved their worth, but it wasn’t enough to do all the seeds and beans, let alone wheatgrass, so I’ve joined 6 machines together to a filtered water system and linked all the waste outlets to a larger single pipe.

Sprouting is now so enjoyable and very easy. I’m even finding now that 6 machines is not quite enough to have a constant harvest of all the seeds, beans, wheatgrass and grains. Remember they all germinate at different speeds. I’ve also mastered gelatinous seeds like Mustard, Cress, Flax and Rocket by using an organic seeding compost. Sprouted bread is my latest discovery which just blows me away. What a wonderful taste and texture.

My body has never had it so good where nutrition is concerned. In the long term my Easygreen sprouting machines will prove to be one of my best ever investments. For nothing is as important as looking after the billions of cells we are all made from. NUTRITION=HEALTH=ENERGY=LIVING LIFE TO THE MAXIMUM.

Make an Easygreen sprouting machine your best ever investment to. Believe me, they work!

*   Can't wait any longer for those glorious greens. Take me to the page...PRONTO!   *

Posted By: Tim Bevan

Dear Team

We sprout mostly fenugreek, mustard, mung bean, lentil and radish. The AWF is installed and the machine is indeed a pleasure to have. It is a complete vegetable garden in a nutshell right inside your home without any PT

Posted By: Dr. Van Der Merwe

First, I want you to know that I love my new EasyGreen sprouter. I have tried for years to grow good quality sprouts and to have a regular cycle of sprouts growing with no success. It was always hit or miss. With this product, I have sprouts everyday and they are wonderful. So, please thank whoever invented this for is great idea. Thank you

Posted By: Susan A. Marshall

I am SOOO impressed by your system so far. I'm experiencing AMAZING results sprouting wheatgrass and barleygrass seeds. After six months of sprouting and growing in soil filled trays, dealing with constant maintenance, mold, dried out seeds, low percentage of seeds sprouting (barleygrass in particular), and dirty brown water running all over the place, your system is like a dream come true. Thank you for your advanced technological design and product.

Posted By: David McKennett

Wheatgrass Sprouter Grow Wheatgrass

Great way to teach our children the basics of plant Physiology!

*   I feel myself weakening. Where's that EasyGreen? Oh right! Click the link. Phew!   *

Posted By: Alex Smolyaninov

Greetings Sol and colleagues:

I feel obliged to express my overwhelming satisfaction with your products. I own four Easygreen sprouters and I incessantly encourage friends and family to acquire one or more. Keep up the excellent work!

Posted By: Lord Amen

I like the design of this sprouter. I was previously using the Freshlife Sprouter which reused its water. I think that this sprouter will be very useful to me. My wife and I eat sprouts daily and the 5-tray arrangement is also superior to the tray arrangement on the Freshlife machine.

Thank you,

Posted By: M. J. Dixey

Dear Sol
I've been using the EasyGreen for 6 months now, almost daily making my Super-Sprout Green Health Shakes the basis of my diet regimen 3 x a day. I've lost 45 lbs, my health is incredibly improved, energy all day, and people keep telling me I look 10 years younger. Thank you so much for your invention!

Posted By: Mark Tyler

The Easy Green arrived in just a few days and we were enjoying fresh spouts by the end of the week. For the past two months we have been exploring the different tastes of the numerous seeds that are available and have been experimenting with the flavors they add to our salads, sandwiches and juices. It is such a delight havesting them knowing how clean and fresh they are.

You have been most helpful in answering my questions with the process for maintence and cleaning. I would recommend you to anyone who is intested in adding this practice to their culinary arts.

With kind regards,

Posted By: Jack Gesmundo

What a pleasure doing business with a company that has integrity! Yes, the replacement cartridge arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the "extra" one.

I've been attempting to grow sprouts for decades, but couldn't do it consistently because my chronic health challenges (and lack of space) just didn't allow for the consistent attention the "jar" methods take. I tried all kinds of manual sprouting systems to no avail--I usually got sickly looking sprouts that molded easily. I had major hesitations about investing in another sprouter. But your EasyGreen Sprouter is FANTASTIC, it FAR exceeds my expectations! My sprouts and wheat grass are beautiful. I never knew how sweet wheat grass juice could be! Thank you not only for your sprouter, but for helping me regain my health!

I'll be back for a couple more sprouters :)

Very truly yours,

Posted By: Jillian Holston

This shipping notification "Speaks for itself "

Wheatgrass Sprouter

Okay, I've read to the bottom. Take your marks, get set...

Posted By: Glenda

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