There are many reasons to use an EasyGreen automatic sprouter to grow organic
Wheatgrass, Alfalfa sprouts, Sunflowers and other nutrient plants.

For over 20 years, thousands of customers in 32 countries around the world have fallen
in love with their EasyGreen® Automatic Sprouter.

Growing sprouts and organic wheatgrass has never been so easy!

7 reasons to use an EasyGreen ®

Set it and forget it

An EasyGreen® wheatgrass and seed sprouter is so easy to use, just set it and forget it. It does the work for you, so you have time to accomplish other things. Imagine… no more rinsing, shaking and draining. Sweet!

Watch EasyGreen’s European distributor, Eric Viard, explain how the EasyGreen® automatic sprouter lets you grow crispy fresh sprouts year round.

Your health, your business

With the EasyGreen®, you can enjoy the health benefits of wheatgrass and a variety of fresh sprouts daily year round. Lose weight, too!

In this video, you will learn why sprouts and microgreens are told to be one of the healthiest food you can eat, comparing sprouts with their fully grown conterparts.


Watch Dave “the Raw Food Trucker” Conrardy explain how sprouts and a raw food diet enabled him to lose 230 lbs and cheat death, as he eradicated both diabetes and colon cancer!

Pay less get more

The EasyGreen enables sprout lovers to save money daily. This means your initial investment can save you a bundle over buying health food store sprouts in just a few short months. Watch Erik explain.

There is no contamination risk

End the risks of contamination that can occur with other machines that “recycle” water instead of using clean, pure water like the EasyGreen®. You can also help restore the environment because the EasyGreen®. uses far less water than sprouting in jars requires. The EasyGreen® uses just a gallon per day!


Worried about plastics and Bisphenol A? The EasyGreen® is 100% BPA FREE! Click below to view the proof. (Fair warning: large .pdf file!)

Always fresh

There’s no faster way to get yummy live sprouts from garden to table. With an EasyGreen® automatic sprouter, none of these stand in your way of freshness:

  • Trucking & handling time
  • Refrigeration
  • Wilting on grocery store shelves

Take sprouts from tray to mouth in seconds or less. Harvest and eat immediately!

Nowhere else on the world

Easily grow sunflower, buckwheat, and other seeds that people using other sprouters struggle to grow.

EasyGreen® has a unique growing compartment that provides optimal conditions for perfect sprouting results year round. Watch one of EasyGreen’s top resellers, Steve Weibe, show how it’s done.

Kids like it

An EasyGreen® sprouter is the ultimate show and tell project. The EasyGreen® helps kids see how food changes from tiny organic wheatgrass seeds into swelled-belly sprouts with funny tails. And when kids grow their own food, they’ll feel proud to eat it, too. Don’t believe kids like sprouts? Check out this video of Micah chowing down. Eat your heart out, Devil Dogs!


The EasyGreen® Edge!

Take charge of your health

Grow wheatgrass and sprouts without effort!

Harvest daily natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes

Fresh, crispy, organic sprouts

95% germination success rate

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