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Here, we feel passionate about our products and believe that you will, too. We also know that choosing the products you wish to sell and the people you partner with is a big decision – one you don’t take lightly. That’s why we feel honored that you would consider counting the EasyGreen Light Sprouter as a potential profit-maker.

A little bit more about us, BIOVIE

Biovie is now the producer of Easygreen Light.
At the origin of Biovie, there is Eric Viard, a French guy graduate in tropical agronomy and formerly employed in the Organic sector for about ten years. Convinced of the obvious benefits of living food, whose effects he himself sees on his health and well-being, he is driven by the desire to make known and share its benefits. At the beginning of the 2000s, an idea sprouted : to translate and edit the book Living Cuisine for an optimal diet, by Dr. Brian Clément. The Biovie company was born in 2007 from this editorial project. It is to finance this first publication, that Eric starts the online marketing of EasyGreen automatic sprouters. Two years later, the book was published in 5,000 copies and Biovie was the unique Easygreen's distributor in Europe.
The e-commerce business grows and diversifies until Sol Azulay sold the Easygreen compagny to his now old friend Eric.

Sol & Eric are currently working hand in hand on a new project, a totally different automatic sprouter. Stay tuned!

The Reseller Advantage

The Reseller deals in small quantities of our products. The stocks are usually sourced from an authorized Distributor. The Reseller may also register for a drop-ship service with any of our Distributors. Capital investments are usually not needed, or very minimal. Your ability to promote and market our products will be of major importance for the success of your operation.

The Distributor Advantage

Distributors have a wider market area. If you live in the USA, the entire country is your market. Elsewhere in the world, your market may be your entire region or country, depending on your location.  While capital investments are higher, you have a better profit margin than a Reseller does.

We ship Distributor stocks directly from our factory in China to your warehouse. Initial orders will be a minimum of 4 pallets. Each pallet contains 28 machines. However, subsequent orders will contain, at minimum, 6 pallets x 28 machines per pallet.

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