Look Your Best, Feel Fit!

5 Powerful Reasons to Grow Wheatgrass and Juice it

1. Pump up!

grow_wheatgrass_imageWhen it comes to enzymes, wheatgrass juice kicks butt. It also contains as much as 70 percent chlorophyll, a vital ingredient for building up quads, lats, biceps, and abs. Eat your heart out, Popeye!

2. Lose the spare tire while boosting desire!

Wheat berry starch converts to simple sugars, giving you the stamina you need for the long haul. When you grow wheatgrass and drink the juice daily, you’ll pack a punch that leaves Red Bull eating your dust! Wheat contains every vitamin known to humanity and 92 of the 102 minerals found in soil. Better still, wheatgrass juice shuts down the appetite and strengthens libido. Some women even report that their breasts get plumper and fuller when they drink wheatgrass juice every day.

3. Cut through toxic sludge

Nothing beats wheatgrass when it comes to cleansing. Each day, our bodies get exposed to the toxic soup that surrounds us. When you grow wheatgrass and juice it daily, you can fight toxic air, water and chemicals. Wheatgrass purifies our bodies to the max. But don’t overdo it! Just begin with a one ounce serving and work up. Make fresh daily and drink on an empty stomach.

4. Smell like a winner

When you work out, it’s natural to sweat like a kiddie fiddler in a Barney suit. Studies by Dr. F. Howard Westcott show how the chlorophyll in wheatgrass fights body odor people get from exercise, nervousness or their menstrual cycles. It smacks down bad breath caused by drinking beer and eating tasty foods like garlic, too. And if you smoke, let’s face it, you shouldn’t be without it!

5. Stay alert!

Chewing home-grown wheatgrass keeps you awake for the serious tasks in life. Sometimes you need to drive all night, stay pumped for an evening of fun, or cram for an exam. Wheatgrass keeps you attentive, sharp, and in perfect spirits when you need it most!

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