Choose an seed

Close the lid

Pour water into the sprouter

Set the timer

EasyGreen Light

Automatic Sprouter

The EasyGreen is about as easy as it gets to maintain a daily harvest of fresh live organic sprouts. Taking the mess and hassle out of sprouting.

The newest design for sprouting virtually every seed. The EasyGreen Light is ready to go, just add water and seeds.

Using a patented technology where mist and oxygen are applied simultaneously to the seeds, thus both cooling the water and air and oxygenating the seeds and water.

The EasyGreen Light was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food.

The EasyGreen’s unique technology empowers the individual to maintain a high potency immune system, by providing natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that no other food or artificial supplements can rival.

What every EasyGreen Light sprouter contains:

  • Mist Generator
  • 96 Activations Timer
  • Food Grade Quality Plastic Cartridges
  • Drainage Tube
  • Removable Lid
  • Air Filter

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