EGL 50 110v60hz

Dear Customer,

We are excited to notify you of our new EasyGreen Light. We have listen carefully to our customers for the past 20 years and managed to incorporate all the tips and advice received from our customers from around the world.

We would encourage you check the EasyGreen Light features below:

1. Ergonomic Design, sleek lines, futuristic.

2. The Mist Generator is completely redesigned. The new impeller is engineered for reducing motor Decibel levels. The new impeller saves 12% of water compared to old design.

3. The machine is made from Acrylic material BPA free.

4. The EGL is smaller in size but allow same space for growing sprouts and greens.

5. The lid is removable, thus allowing direct visual with the crops as well as easy handling of trays and cartridges.

6. When growing wheat grass or other greens, you may remove the lid and allow the crops to grow the height desired.

7. The body of the EGL consist of only three parts, they can easily inserted in a dishwasher for a quick and effective cleaning and disinfecting.

8. There is no need for screwdrivers or other tools to disassemble the EGL, just pull it apart.

9. The drainage system is embedded in the body of the machine, thus avoiding the need for plugs.

A variety of exotic sprouts germinated in the EasyGreen system

Production and assembly line

Sol Azulay
Inventor of the EasyGreen

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