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The excess water that drains from my EasyGreen machine still looks clear. Is it okay to re-use it?

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00225 Views: 1552 Created: 09/19/2011 09:15 Last Updated: 09/19/2011 09:15 0 Rating/ Voters


This is not a good idea because during germination seeds release inhibitors (toxins). Mung beans, for instance, will definitely taint the water. Other seeds may also release toxins. Some people use the drained water for watering plants, but we do not recommend it.

You will find the EasyGreenTM provides super efficient water conservation. If you correctly set up the timer, a five-cartridge sprouter will use just ½ to one gallon daily – around a third of the amount used when jar sprouting.

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