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Can I use regular tap water in the EasyGreen?

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00311 Views: 1697 Created: 09/19/2011 15:04 Last Updated: 09/19/2011 15:04 0 Rating/ Voters


It depends. Tap water quality and hardness can vary greatly from home to home. Watch for white dust accumulating in the vicinity of the EasyGreenTM 
that could indicate your water is hard. In that case, use a home water filter if possible, and change air filters more frequently. EasyGreenTM 777 Deposit Remover is a cleaning solution designed to keep your EasyGreenTM looking fresh and new. Many customers have found it gets rid of stubborn hard water stains in their kitchens and bathrooms, too. Just one 8-oz bottle should last six months or more.

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