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Help! My wheatgrass seeds are moldy!

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00331 Views: 2187 Created: 09/20/2011 09:52 Last Updated: 11/03/2011 12:31 0 Rating/ Voters


Wheatgrass can be picky when it comes to growing conditions. Answering the following questions honestly will show you what adjustments you may need to make in order to grow it successfully.

     1. Have you kept the ambient temperature where you installed the machine between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit? If not, we recommend you use a minimum/maximum thermometer which indicates the minimum temperature during night time and maximum temperature during day time. (These thermometers cost $10-$20 and are available at garden centers and various retail outlets).

     2. Was the machine exposed to direct sun or other sources of heat, such as kitchen appliances?     

     3. Did you test your seeds for freshness? See page 27, item 2 in our manual under “Greens 101” (.pdf file)

     4. Did you plant hard winter wheat, which is easier to grow than spring wheat?

     5. Did you use the correct timer settings to ensure proper mist generation Please see “Mist Generator Fine Tuning” on page 14 of our manual. If you have the correct settings, check to see that your toggles are pushed in properly. 

         The EasyGreen® is very economical on water usage, so do not try to save water by decreasing the number of misting cycles! Instead, increase the total amount of timer activations to seven or eight. Take care not to over-mist the seeds, however, as drainage takes some time. When seeds are submerged in water they cannot get enough oxygen, which contributes to rotting and mold.   
     6. Is your mist generator completely clean and working properly? If not, it may have accumulated water impurities that compromise the mist to airflow ratio. To achieve the correct ratio is critical because of the special sensitivity of wheatgrass.

        Here is how to double check timer settings and make sure your mist generator is working properly: Please remove the air filter, clean the impeller shaft hole and the small holes on the base of the impeller, return the mist generator to the machine and conduct the following test:
               a)  Fill the water tank up to the 50 mark on the tinted window.
               b) Disconnect the timer.
               c) Plug the mist generator directly into the wall socket.
               d) Check how long it takes until the water level gets to the 20 mark on the side tinted window.
               e) Email our friendly 24/7 Support, explaining the results of the test for further evaluation at easygreenfactory@gmail.com.

     7. Did you disinfect your seeds before sprouting? Many times customers report that only this step completely resolves their mold issues. You can find instructions for disinfecting seeds on page 16 of the EasyGreen Manual or at this link in the KnowledgeBase.  

If you have followed each of these instructions carefully and you still find your wheatgrass is moldy, please email us an up close image of the mold and few general photos of the machine in its location (surroundings) so that we may evaluate your situation.


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