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Please explain the importance of using an air filter.

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00361 Views: 1493 Created: 09/26/2011 09:15 Last Updated: 09/28/2011 15:05 0 Rating/ Voters


It is important to minimize airborne bacteria from getting into the water container and spreading through the mist into the crops. The EasyGreenTM is a like a small greenhouse, offering good protection from environmental issues. In most cases, however, people install their EasyGreenTM in a kitchen where cooking takes place and a garbage bin may not be far from the machine. Often, dirty dishes sit in the sink with leftover food for hours. In winter time the house remains tightly closed during the day when people go to work. Stale or standing air is a ground for airborne bacteria to develop and travel quickly.

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