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How do I prevent rotting or mold on my wheatgrass?

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00366 Views: 6526 Created: 11/03/2011 12:50 Last Updated: 06/16/2012 14:13 0 Rating/ Voters


So many EasyGreen owners have asked us about preventing mold on wheatgrass that we've decided to share these helpful tips. But you don't need to grow wheatgrass to use them; they're good practice for any type of sprouting.

Wheatgrass is crazy sensitive to mold. Sowing wheatgrass seeds in any sprouter is really bucking Mother Nature. Soil cools the seeds from the natural chemical heat generated by the seed during germination. Not so a sprouter, unfortunately.  In a wheat field, the same amount of seeds we "sow" in one large EasyGreen tray will cover about 30 square feet of ground!

Here's what heat spot mold looks like:


If you've been struggling with mold, try these 10 tips: 

  1. Keep room temps between 65° and 75°F. 
  2. Use super fresh seeds. To test for freshness, see Some of My Seeds Never Sprouted. Why?  
  3. Treat seeds by soaking in a solution of 1 gallon of water and 200cc (1/2 cup plus 5 ½ tablespoons) of unscented Clorox type bleach for 30 minutes prior to seeding. Sensitive to chemicals?  Read more info on "green" disinfecting
  4. The EasyGreen's timer settings should have a minimum of 7 activations in 24 hours. Learn how to set your timer .
  5.  Avoid any source of heat near or around the machine. 

  6. Make sure the water is cold enough.
  7. Avoid direct sunlight. Cover your unit with a towel, if necessary. Sprouts actually need no light to grow. 
  8. Use a large tray with soil and try a large tray without soil. See what works better under your specific climate conditions. 
  9. Make sure you use organically grown seeds specifically for sprouting, and they are hard winter wheat. The seeds you get from the health-food stores in a bin are not right for sprouting. Buy seeds HERE . 
  10. Remove the sliding door opened after the third day of germination. (Protect your kitchen counter top from the humidity that will come out of the machine once the door is removed).

Begin with the tips above, and if you're still plagued by mold, please email easygreenfactory@gmail.com, together with some pictures of your sprouts, and we'll be sure you get successful results!

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