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What are the EasyGreen's unique features?

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00384 Views: 2561 Created: 12/21/2011 10:11 Last Updated: 12/21/2011 11:52 0 Rating/ Voters


Compare the difference!

Wait until you compare the healthy green sprouts you can grow in the EasyGreen® to any you may have grown in jars or other sprouting machines. Our secret lies in the Venturi system which perfectly mimics Mother Nature’s watering process. 

Eric Viard

Eric Viard, European Distributor

Below, you can see video of an experiment that Eric, our European distributor created. It shows alfalfa seeds he sprinkled into the EasyGreen® on the left and a conventional sprouter on the right. Eric manually watered and drained the conventional sprouter three times per day. After three days under exactly the same temperature and lighting conditions, you can see how the EasyGreen® produced bigger, greener and more abundant sprouts. Imagine the difference in your well-being. Better nutrition means fewer headaches and colds, stronger muscles, and weight loss. 

How the  EasyGreen® Operates

The EasyGreen® sprouter uses three special automatic applications to grow green, lush sprouts. The systems carry on with virtually no assistance from you, six to eight times per day when you adjust your timer correctly. Here’s how they work:

  1. By maintaining ideal humidity levels through misting. No other sprouter on the market uses our patented technology. It completely eliminates the need for constant rinsing. 
  2. Through providing baby shoots and sprouts with just the right level of oxygen. This ensures fresh, fresh sprouts, so you get superb nutritional value helping keep you and your family reach the peak of health. 
  3. By maintaining just the right temperature balance so your sprouts grow vigorous and green. 

variety of greens

See the variety of greens you can grow at one time!

Instructions for Daily Use 

Keep an eye on the water level in the EasyGreen tank, and fill about every 24 hours. As an option, you can even fill the tank automatically!

Auto-fill sprouter  Auto-fill equipment

Add dry seeds to the trays, so you can eat new, fresh sprouts every day.

seeds sprinkle  sprinkle seeds 2  sprinkle seeds 3

Wipe down and disinfect weekly by simply adding either bleach or a greener solution to the tank and letting it run for an hour unattended. It’s easy, and practically fool-proof. 

How the EasyGreen® Sprouter works using the Venturi process

venturi process

  1. Water gets “sucked” by a Venturi-effect out of your EasyGreen’s reservoir.
  2. This creates a soft, gentle mist as the new water mixes with freshly filtered air. The seeds’ surfaces take in this spray. 
  3. Any waste is collected toward the front of the machine, where you can quickly and easily wipe it away. In this way, your EasyGreen® keeps sprouts from getting contaminated, helping to safeguard your health. 

sunflower trays

5 Trays of Sunflower Seeds Sprouting

Installing and connecting up to three EasyGreen® sprouters enables you to produce in larger quantities. This is optimal if you plan to offer fresh, nutritious sprouts in your farmers market to meet growing demand. 

Watch Eric unpacking an EasyGreen so you can see each of its parts for yourself. 

And here is an excellent video by EasyGreen re-seller, Steve Wiebe, explaining how to grow using an EasyGreen. 



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