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How do I clean the EasyGreen's drainage tube?

Author: Nory Oakes Reference Number: AA-00398 Views: 3634 Created: 01/24/2012 16:59 Last Updated: 02/20/2012 15:34 0 Rating/ Voters


The drainage tube becomes grimy due to inhibitors in the drained water that the seeds give off. This process is normal and should not be cause for worry, provided you correctly disinfect your EasyGreen each week. 

The FDA recommends disinfecting your seeds and EasyGreen machine using a sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution of 200cc (1/2 U.S. cup measure plus 5 1/2 tablespoons) per gallon, to disinfect weekly. In this case, the solution should automatically take care of any grime in the tube as the tank drains. 

Some people prefer to use "greener" methods to disinfect. In this case, simply remove the tube from the body of the EasyGreen sprouter, squirt a small amount of natural dish-washing liquid mixed with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide into one end, and work it through the tube, squeezing gently to move the grime. Flush the tube with hot water before re-attaching it. 

You should replace your drainage tube three times per year with normal usage. If you are sprouting mung beans or other sprouts known to release strong toxins (inhibitors), you may need to replace it more frequently. 

There is a handy video describing how to disinfect your EasyGreen HERE

Also, if you would prefer, you may purchase a new Plug Kit (SKU AC28) online at this link on the EasyGreen website.

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