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1 How Can I Propagate Seeds in Cold Weather? Featured

Answer: Many of our customers live where winter and spring seasons have low night time temperatures. To compensate, we recommend using a heating mat for propagation and growing. Most garden centers offer them, and you can purchase online, too. Those with…

2 The reason EasyGreen Sprouts are bigger, greener, and more nutritious! Featured

Watch EasyGreen Sprouter expert, Eric Viard, explain why sprouts grown in the EasyGreen top sprouts grown in jars or other sprouter brands.

3 Can I use a heating mat during winter?

A heating mat could be placed under the machine. You may locate it under the growing compartment between the front and back legs. This will suffice. If the mat has a temperature regulator, point it to about 70F, not higher. Higher temperature may result in…

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