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1 What is the difference between the refurbished EasyGreen and new Mikrofarm models? Featured

Answer When these units come back to our warehouse, they move fast! The EasyGreen™ MikroFarm Model RF comes supplied with all standard equipment. They are brand new, never used for sprouting but for demos and presentations only. You get our full 4 month…

2 Can I set up the EasyGreen Sprouter to operate at 70 degrees exactly?

Answer No, that‟s not possible, but the misting and oxygenating system will cool the ambient atmosphere inside the machine and the seeds, too.

3 Can the modules be used separately and with any type of sprouts?

Answer Yes. Each machine comes with its own timer, so the regulation of the misting can be custom tailored to any variety you choose to grow. The important thing is not to mix seeds from different seed groups in the same tray. Choose seeds that have the same…

4 Do you recommend stacking more than 3 EasyGreen units in one stack?

Answer You may try stacking as many as four units high, but only after taking certain precautions. Stacking more than three units may destabilize the machine because of the excess weight in the back of the unit when the machines are filled with water but…

5 Does the drain tube have to be connected at all times?

Answer It depends. If each machine has a different location on your surface, you must connect the drain tube for each one. If you stack them however, all the stacked machines will drain to the bottom one.

6 Does your refurbished (RF) EasyGreen Sprouter come with five cartridges and the large tray?

Answer Yes, take a look at the image of a refurbished model below, then click on this link to learn more.

7 How do I activate or deactivate the timer on my EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter?

Answer If the small red light below and to the right of the dial on the front of the timer is lit and the button is locked on «I» position, it means that the timer is deactivated and power will be supplied 24 hours a day. Your EasyGreen® sprouter will…

8 How do I change the drainage tube to the opposite side?

Answer: You will find there is a hole for this purpose on the opposite side of the machine from the one you see open now. It has a plastic screw covering it, which you will need to remove and put into the place where the open hole currently is.

9 Is the EasyGreen Sprouter BPA free?

Answer In response to numerous concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the EasyGreen, we have updated this post. Please read this personal appeal from Nory, who maintains our knowledge base! Hi, my name is Nory. You'll be happy to know as someone who is highly…

10 mist generator

Hello Is there plastic parts in your easygreen machine's mist generator which use to have active contact / Friction with Water or Air ? ( active contact / Friction means water or air flowing or moving through/with plastic parts ) Please have a look at the…

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