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1 Approximately how much wheat-grass can I grow per unit?  Featured

Answer: You can expect approximately five cuts from each large wheat-grass tray. Each cut may provide you a wheatgrass shot of 20 to 25 ml. All this depends on many factors (light, temperature, quality of seeds, quality of wheatgrass juicer...etc).

2 Do you have any sprout recipes to share?

Answer: Here is a favorite recipe: Raw Carrot Soup for 2: Juice 5 to 6 carrots, ideally in a champion juicer or even better, in a slow motion juicer Mix in a blender: the carrot juice some garlic depending on your taste one avocado namashoyu, salt or celery…

3 Do you recommend the use of a mineral solution to increase the nutritional content of the sprouts?

Answer There‟s no need to add minerals to the EasyGreenTM during the period before the first lateral roots are developed. The seeds will not absorb any added minerals during that time. When growing greens such addition may be beneficial after the 5th day…

4 Does the EasyGreen equipment contain natural rubber latex?

Answer: The Easygreen does not use any rubber latex. The food grade plastics that comprise the body, the trays and plugs of the EasyGreen are polyethylene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate.

5 How can I prevent bacterial growth on my sprouts?

Answer First, be sure to use fresh, high quality seeds. Second, to prevent mold growth, the FDA recommends treating the seeds by soaking them in a solution of 1 gallon of water and 200cc (1/2 cup plus 5 ½ tablespoons) of unscented Clorox type bleach for…

6 I am sensitive to bleach; can you recommend another effective soaking solution?

Answer Yes. Bleach is the most effective solution, but if you have allergies or sensitivity to it, try using a solution of 1 gallon of water and 200cc (1/2 U.S. cup measure plus 5 1/2 tablespoons) of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (HP 3% concentrate).

7 I have a chemical sensitivity to bleach. Is it safe to use white vinegar or other more natural products to do the weekly disinfecting process?

Answer Distilled vinegar is fine for most seed types. Some people report good results with a combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Others like using grape seed extract with about 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide. You need to consider the seed variety…

8 I've heard that sprouts can be responsible for e-coli, salmonella, and other bacterial outbreaks, is it safe for me to grow and eat them?

Answer When grown in the right conditions, absolutely! The EasyGreenTM is a complete system designed to grow sprouts under the most hygienic conditions; however it is important to follow each of our sterile growing guidelines. For complete safety, the FDA…

9 If I presoak sprout seeds in bleach, will the sprouts still be considered organic?

Answer Organic mostly refers to the growing process, not the washing or disinfecting. The FDA recommends using 200cc (13 ½ tablespoons) of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) per gallon of water. Some people report good results with distilled vinegar or hydrogen…

10 Is the EasyGreen Sprouter BPA free?

Answer In response to numerous concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the EasyGreen, we have updated this post. Please read this personal appeal from Nory, who maintains our knowledge base! Hi, my name is Nory. You'll be happy to know as someone who is highly…

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