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1 How Can I Propagate Seeds in Cold Weather? Featured

Answer: Many of our customers live where winter and spring seasons have low night time temperatures. To compensate, we recommend using a heating mat for propagation and growing. Most garden centers offer them, and you can purchase online, too. Those with…

2 How long should it take my sprouts to grow?  Featured

Answer Different varieties of seeds have different growing cycles that last between 2 and 14 days. That‟s why we like to group seeds to let you know which may be grown together in a similar period of time using the mini Junior Cartridges available at our…

3 I love my EasyGreen, but would like to be able to grow a greater variety of seeds at one time.  Featured

ANSWER You're in luck! In response to similar questions from other customers, we've developed new Junior Cartridges, permitting you to grow any seeds you want at the same time - from pea shoots to pumpkin seeds. In fact, you can place up to ten Junior Cartridges…

4 Are there any seeds that your machine cannot process?

Answer Gelatinous seeds such as dill, flax, chia, arugula, or cress are more difficult to grow. These are better grown between two moist towels. The towels will absorb the oil extracted by the seed, and they will sprout. Some users report that they get good…

5 Can I grow other seeds besides wheatgrass in the EasyGreen machine?

Answer The EasyGreen™ is not primarily for growing wheatgrass; it is an automatic sprouter for all your sprouting needs. It will handle all seeds, beans, greens, and even exotic seeds that cannot be sprouted in any other appliance.

6 Do you just put the seeds straight into the plastic containers or do you need to put some sort of liner down first between the seeds and the plastic?

Answer You may plant them straight into the plastic trays.

7 Hot and humid weather settings

ANSWER If you live in a hot, tropical climate, paying attention to the following advice will help you to grow successfully: Seeds needs to be fresh. Test your seeds for freshness. Room temperature needs to remain under 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius).…

8 How can I keep track of which cartridge is on its fifth day and ready to harvest?

ANSWER You can easily keep track by positioning the newest tray on the far right daily. By doing so, the tray on the left will always be in the most advanced state of germination.

9 I am a small, commercial grower who likes to supply my customers with a wide variety of sprouts, but I find that the large cartridges produce too much for their demands. What do you recommend?

Answer Many small commercial growers easily create more variety without increasing their volume by using our Junior Cartridges. These are about half the size of the larger cartridges and measure 7" X 3.5". Ten of them fit in one growing compartment. The output…

10 I'm hopeless at growing houseplants. Will I be able to grow sprouts successfully?

ANSWER Certainly! We called our system "Easy Green" because you don‟t need a green thumb to use it. If you can follow simple directions, you will be growing and enjoying the benefits of healthy, succulent, organic sprouts in just five days from the time…

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