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1 Can I Grow Sprouts in Cold Weather? Featured

Answer: Many of our customers live where winter and spring seasons have low night time temperatures. To compensate, we recommend using a heating mat for propagation and growing. Most garden centers offer them, and you can purchase online, too. Those with…

2 Can I use regular tap water in the EasyGreen?  Featured

ANSWER It depends. Tap water quality and hardness can vary greatly from home to home. Watch for white dust accumulating in the vicinity of the EasyGreenTM that could indicate your water is hard. In that case, use a home water filter if possible, and change…

3 Do you service or repair the mist generators when they stop working properly?  Featured

ANSWER We do not service the mist generators. Sometimes just shaking the impeller slightly may resolve your issue. If not, for $82.73, you may purchase a Replacement Mist Generator from our website. We also recommend you to buy an extension warranty for the…

4 What is a "toggle" and how does it control the misting cycle?  Featured

Answer: A "toggle" is the little switch around the dial of the timer that controls the amount of mist that waters your sprouts. In some EasyGreen™ timer models, these are black switches surrounding the timer dial; in others, they are tiny red switches.…

5 How do I clean the EasyGreen's drainage tube?

Answer The drainage tube becomes grimy due to inhibitors in the drained water that the seeds give off. This process is normal and should not be cause for worry, provided you correctly disinfect your EasyGreen each week. The FDA recommends disinfecting your…

6 How often and which parts require the most maintenance and replacement?

ANSWER You will need to change your air filters about three times per year, provided you locate your EasyGreenTM in a location that you dust regularly.

7 How often do I need to change the filter for EasyGreen sprouter?

ANSWER You should change the EasyGreenTM air filter every two to four months, depending on the amount of dust in your area. To change an air filter, use a flat screwdriver to edge between the rim of the housing and the filter. The filter will pop out. Extra…

8 I have seen an EasyGreen Sprouter with an opaque lid? What is the purpose of that?

Answer: This is a very old model from 1997. All our EasyGreen Sprouters now have a clear top for best usage of natural light.

9 I need a faucet connector. Where can I find one?

ANSWER You can find faucet connectors at Home Depot or your local hardware shop or garden center. The right connector will suit the thread on your faucet. We don't supply these parts because there are so many different faucet thread standards on the market.…

10 I need to store my EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter for a week or more. How should I dry it out so it doesn't get moldy?

ANSWER No problem. First empty the water compartment completely. Then unscrew the mist generator from the top. Using a blow dryer, softly blow dry the mist generator, being careful not to get too close to the machine. There's no need to dry the water reservoir.…

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