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11 Is the EasyGreen Sprouter BPA free?

Answer In response to numerous concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the EasyGreen, we have updated this post. Please read this personal appeal from Nory, who maintains our knowledge base! Hi, my name is Nory. You'll be happy to know as someone who is highly…

12 Please explain the importance of using an air filter.

ANSWER It is important to minimize airborne bacteria from getting into the water container and spreading through the mist into the crops. The EasyGreenTM is a like a small greenhouse, offering good protection from environmental issues. In most cases, however,…

13 Should I use the drainage collection pan in the fridge while storing the trays or cartridges?

ANSWER Congratulations on maintaining your EasyGreenTM for so long. We have not sold models with collection pans since 1998! There is no need to use the collection pan in the fridge.

14 What kind of plastic is the EasyGreen made from?

Answer: All plastics used in the EasyGreen meet the FDA requirements for food contact. The food grade plastic entering into the composition of the body of the Easygreen and of the trays and plugs are from Polyethylene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate. You…

15 When Do I Use Large Trays Instead of the Mini Trays?

Answer: You'll require large trays for growing wheatgrass and other crops that may use soil, such as sunflower, and buckwheat. The late Ann Wigmore, a foremost sprouting expert, recommended juicing and consuming wheatgrass in liquid form, but one needs to…

16 Where can I purchase new vinyl tubing to extend the range of my EasyGreen sprouter for drainage?

ANSWER You may purchase a perfectly fit, ready-to-go Plug Kit available in our Products: Accessories section for less than 13 bucks.

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