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About Mold and Mildew

1 Help! My wheatgrass seeds are moldy! Featured

ANSWER Wheatgrass can be picky when it comes to growing conditions. Answering the following questions honestly will show you what adjustments you may need to make in order to grow it successfully. 1. Have you kept the ambient temperature where you installed…

2 How do I prevent rotting or mold on my wheatgrass?  Featured

ANSWER So many EasyGreen owners have asked us about preventing mold on wheatgrass that we've decided to share these helpful tips. But you don't need to grow wheatgrass to use them; they're good practice for any type of sprouting. Wheatgrass is crazy sensitive…

3 How can I prevent bacterial growth on my wheatgrass sprouts?

ANSWER First, be sure to use fresh, high quality seeds. Second, to prevent mold growth, the FDA recommends treating the seeds by soaking them in a solution of 1 gallon of water and 200cc (1/2 cup plus 5 ½ tablespoons) of unscented Clorox type bleach for…

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