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1 Do air filters need to be replaced or can they just be cleaned? If so, what is the best way to clean them?

ANSWER As airborne bacteria become trapped in the air filters, we cannot recommend washing them out. It is safer to replace them. You may find them on our website at this link.

2 Help! My trays flood with water!

ANSWER If the trays are flooding please check the following: 1. Are the small drainage holes on each cartridge clear from seeds, roots and possible debris? 2. Is the machine draining water well without the trays? If the answer to these questions is yes, you…

3 Help! The clear part of my EasyGreen unit has turned cloudy. What's the solution?

ANSWER When using tap water, expect to see “milky” deposits on the clear part of the machine with time. These deposits do not affect the crops or the machine even though they may seem unsightly. We formulated EasyGreen 777 to quickly and easily remove…

4 Help! There is algae growing in my water tank!

Answer: A number of things may affect algae growth, including light, water quality, water temperature, and the hygiene of the machine. We advise you also to be careful that your machine is not exposed to direct sunlight. Stagnant waters due to oxygen depletion…

5 Is the EasyGreen Sprouter BPA free?

Answer In response to numerous concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the EasyGreen, we have updated this post. Please read this personal appeal from Nory, who maintains our knowledge base! Hi, my name is Nory. You'll be happy to know as someone who is highly…

6 My old EasyGreen unit has no red indicator to set the timer. What should I do?

ANSWER You might have black small toggles, very small. Please check around the circumference of the dial. ** If you are consuming more then a full water tank a day, check your timer settings. You should not have more then 7 SINGLE toggles pressed (activated)…

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